when a man inserts his penis into a pair of buttcheeks, then the person twerks onto the penis until ejaculation occurs if the tugger is well versed in the motion of a tugboat
Hey bro, this chic wouldn’t fuck me tonight can I get a tugboat from you
by Jor240 November 29, 2018
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A fat girl you'd let give you a handjob--but nothing more.
That girl's not really fuckable, she might be a tugboat though.
by macgruber123 March 25, 2012
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An unbelievably beautiful girl.

First coined by Vin Man Chan from LSA.
Yo D-pots, check out those tugboats.

Yo Jeff,can you put me on with that tugboat from the toga party?

Yo S-Dot, you know who never gets any tugboats... that's right.. Large Matt.
by Mass Debator February 23, 2009
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sticking head in between a males legs and β€œmotor boating” their ball sack .... have them shave half of their legs & their balls.
i can’t wait to tugboat later, please shave!!
by February 05, 2021
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