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A meathead, douche bag, loudmouth insecure dumbass who's life revolves around tanning, doing steiroids, hair, and just acting like a complete tool. Requirements include tatoos, spiky hair, shirts with dragons, and no college degree. Career path is typically based in construction, low-end retail, car dealerships, or no job at all. Indeginous mainly to largely populated metro areas, and can be commonly seen at the gym, and then at meat-market bars trying to holler at anything with a skirt while giving dirty looks to any male that is not considered part of their society.
One of these tuff guyz at the gym was grunting and carrying around his gallon jug of water. He bumped into me on purpose, I looked back, and he gave me a dirty look. Later in the locker room I saw him crying and jacking off.
by CdoubleO P July 23, 2011
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