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Someone who believes that gender dysphoria is not necessary to be transgender.

The slang "tucute: stands for: "too cute to be cis"
sjw: i'm a tucute!! die truscum!!
by theciskingg January 17, 2019
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That little bit of poop at the end that won't come out and is really uncomfortable.
Tucutes are potentially the most annoying thing any human being has ever experienced.
by NightmareStag March 08, 2015
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1. A slur used by transmedicalists to call any non-dysphoric transgender person, to imply they aren’t REAL trans people and are just identifying as trans to be “cute” or “trendy.”

Of course, non-dysphoric trans are just as legitimate as dysphoric trans people, and dysphoric trans aren’t actually “cis people pretending to be trans for attention.” Which is why this term is only a slur and not a legitimate label.

2. This term is also sometimes used for any transgender who’s gender identity falls outside of the gender binary. Some truescum, believe there are only two genders, so any transgender who identifies as any gender besides “man” and “woman” is a fake trans person.

This of course is not true either since non-binary trans identities are just as valid as binary trans identities. Which is why this term is only a slur.

Also see transtrender
Trans guy: “Hi I’m Dave, my pronouns are he/him, I don’t have any physical dysphoria so I’m not planning on getting any surgeries, however I am going to socially and legally transition and even take some Testosterone, please respect my pronouns.”

Truescum: “You’re just a tucute! A real trans person hates their body and wants to completely artificially alter it! You don’t expirence REAL oppression ergo you just want to be trans for attention.”

Trans guy: “Wow dude, being a truescum is ignorant. Medicalizing trans people is harmful to the community, since it implies transness is merely a mental disorder and has no basis in biology or neurological science. Also, non-dysphorics don’t come out as trans because they think it’s fun, but because they are being true to themselves and living as their true identity and gender. Being oppressed isn’t a competition, stop trying to make it one. Both dysphorics and non-dysphorics experience the same amount of oppression from society. In fact, non-dysphorics may experience more hate since they are usually more visible and maybe not be able to pass as well. Being trans is part of who a person IS, not a competition on who is more oppressed, stop being a drama queen.”

Truescum: “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Tucute! Tucute! Tucute! Stop making a fool of us! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”
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by SparklyNinja January 13, 2019
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A dumbass who believes being trans is a choice
Alex: I'm a tucute and u believe anyone can be trans because iT dOeSnT hUrT aNyBoDy Hey my pronouns are trash/trashs/trashself. I have no dysphoria and decided yesterday that I was trans. My gender identity is fluid between catgender and autogender stargender
by Seahorsefishes January 24, 2021
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Tucute is the opposite of truscum.
We’re cute trans people, 100% accepting of everyone who is trans, and will not make fun of someone for using nounself pronouns, will not judge you for having/not having dysphoria, and we love all gender identities no matter what.
I'm tucute because I oppose truscum.
by idislikecispeople June 02, 2014
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