Princess warrior(in training) farmer diana
Jack : Diana ily would you like to be among me at prom 😳😩
Diana : No
Everyone : What a tsundere
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Tsunderes are the opposite of Yanderes. They like though and acid, but they're actually sweet. Usually tsunderes are flat af and probably illegal, since they're like 5. But don't worry, they're anime girls, so keep watching that hentai where the little sisters love their onii-chan's dick so much. If you like a tsundere that much, you can buy a dakimakura too, so people will leave you- WAIT! NO! People already left you long time ago, that's why you live on hentais. Ok stop reading baka, that's enough.
Oh also tsunderes are like so childish lmao stupid bitches.
Boy: Wow, girl, you're such a cutie
Boy: Oh... I didn't know you were a loli tsundere!
by Loli Maniac September 03, 2019
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A tsundere is a male or female that is mean or cold to their love interest (it could also be a friend) because they don’t know how to express their feelings. You could say that they “Hate” that they’re in love with you. A good example of this could be kageyama from haikyuu. When Hinata does something good kageyama finds it hard to compliment him and usually just looks away from hinata. Another example is osana najime from the game yandere simulator. Tsunderes tend to use the words baka, dummy, idiot, or stupid A LOT and I’m not over exaggerating when I say a lot.

Tsun tsun means to turn away and put you nose up in embarrassment or digust
Osana: you over slept AGAIN senpai you always keep me waiting! I’m not your personal alarm clock you know! *tsun tsun*

Senpai/taro: I’m sorry... if it’s such a big deal then maybe we shouldn’t walk to school together....

Osana: huh!.....no it’s not a big deal at all you dummy! *tsun tsun*

Ayano aishi watching from afar like the creepy yandere that she is: she’s such a damn tsundere. She’ll never take my Senpai! ILL CUT HER INTO BITS BEFORE SHE EVEN GETS TO TOUCH HIM!
by Greatlord Cthulhu November 19, 2020
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A cute ass boy or girl who doesn’t know how to express their feelings to you so they are mean instead
Girl: hey wanna walk to school together?
Tsundere: uh... sure.. but it’s not like I like you or anything! ..... dummy!
by Greatlord Cthulhu November 28, 2020
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