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A verb to used in place of fuck and may also be used to refer to the sexual organs of either gender. It is best used more than once in a scentence and a South African accent.
I'm going to whip out my little Truter and Truter you till your Truter can't take any more.
by HughJerection October 19, 2016
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Truter (verb)/Korean slang: to Truter something is to focus all of one's energies on a SINGLE task.
1) John dug his finger deeper into his nostril, Trutering for that elusive, hard, bloody snot bubble of itchy, guilty pleasure.

2) Juni, having been flicking her bottom's G-spot, realised she had spent her whole day in her office Trutering away needlessly when she could have been bettering the mill.
by The Mighty Douche February 01, 2010
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