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This means you want to fuck Donald Trump and bend him over his wall and put a dick in his asshole as he screams for his life and mercy. This is something everyone wants to do, it is honestly the best.
Yo whats up dude, you a Trump Fucker.
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by BIGGAYurmum June 09, 2018
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A Trumpfucker is a word to describe a person who heils Donald Trump like Hitler.

A Trumpfucker is most likely mentally unstable and/or a racist. Don't ever antagonize a Trumpfucker. You might get deported.
Ugh, did you see that guy? Such a Trumpfucker...
Don't go near that Trumpfucker!!...

I was harassed by a Trumpfucker today!...
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by seiiho October 19, 2018
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