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Those dudes that think they're the shit because they fly down the highway in their lifted F-350's doing 100 in a 60. Many times you can see one coming in the rear view mirror; the truck douche will speed up until he is almost riding your ass and then he will very quickly swerve around you into the next lane. He will then proceed to annoy the hell out of everyone else in proximity.

These bitches deserve a big fat ticket and a swift kick in the truck-nuts.
Driver: "Wow this is such a nice relaxing car ride"
Passenger:"Dude, truck douche 6:00!"
(Truck Douche speeds by, truck nuts dangling)
Driver:"What a dick, I hope he crashes that damn truck"
(Huge fireball erupts, sending truck douche and fried truck nuts flying)
by Huevon June 17, 2010
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A person who drives a mid-size or larger pickup truck for none of its utility purposes. This person is known for having little to no regard for other drivers safety and sanity or the health of the environment in general.

Truckdouches often have confederate flag bumper stickers or mudflaps despite the fact that they may or may not be living in a former confederate state.
Some Truckdouche just caused an eleven car pileup when he spun out because he thought he was invincible on the icy highway.
by B-ARRRRR January 25, 2011
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