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Troy, a land that one might infer is only filled with hicks, red necks, big ol lip packers, dippers and yee yees. While such specimens are common, there are fair and decent folk in the town of Troy. Nobody really likes it here, but it's home for now, and it makes do for what it is. Residents are passionate about their high-school sports, and all of the coaches take the game way too seriously, like...way too seriously. Teachers are frequently fired, the school board is more corrupt than Hillary Clinton, and school fights last a maximum of three seconds before both combatants are curled up on the ground. While visiting Troy, be sure to check out our state of the art Farm Museum, Vinnie's Pizza, or the annual, one and only Troy fair (A topic for another day.) Just be careful on the roads, camouflage is everywhere. HOME OF THE TROJANS
He could be cool, he could be weird, he's from Troy Pennsylvania so there's no telling.
by TheCoolBeans September 13, 2017
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