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A girl that appears to be innocent though has contained many men
I though I was special but she turned out to be a trojan whore
by trojan johnny March 03, 2010
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Trojan Whores are college girls that only hook up with guys affiliated with the greek community.
I was trying to hook up with Jessica, but the damn trojan whore wanted some douchebag sigma chi.
by brad bronson June 25, 2008
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Beautiful, voluptuous women that you find impossible to resist… but… they have a ‘look’ that says they’ve ‘been around the block’ a few too many times. Although having sex with them is very tempting, your inner voice keeps warning you that something evil lurks inside, and you’ll probably end up contracting AIDS or some other serious STD if you’re not very careful – so you’d better double up on the condoms.
Man 1: “See ya tomorrow morning. I just got an offer I can’t refuse from those two babes!”
Man 2: “Make sure you wear a condom on your condom. They look like a couple Trojan Whores to me!”
by Politic Ric May 27, 2010
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The act of intentionally hooking a guy up with a chick knowing that she has STD's with the hope that he will sleep with her and get the STD also.
Dave's ex threw him a Trojan Whore to get back at him for the divorce.
by NWFDude February 01, 2011
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The hot girl at the party that always gives it up but insists you wear a condom
Dammit Ridge! I scored with Amber last night and thought she was finally gonna let me do her 'au natural' but the trojan whore told me to put on a rubber at the last minute.
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
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