Trock is fan created music about the British TV show, Doctor Who. Trock was originally created by the UK Youtuber, Alex Day aka. Nerimon and is very similar to Wrock (Wizard Rock)
The band Chameleon Circuit writes songs about Doctor Who. They are a Trock (Timelord Rock) band.
by rgao December 24, 2011
A way of replacing any curse word.
"Dude I'm so trocking mad right now"
"You trock!!"
"Holy trock, I can't believe this"
by TheWeatherWill December 2, 2018
Best music in the world. Originally created by Alex Day, it is music based off the BBCA's TV series Doctor Who,most of it is about the Tenth Doctor's travels (David Tennant) and the episodes BBCA has run, I.E. Blink, Journey's End, etc..
Chameleon Circuit is the name of their Trock Band. Musics are:
An Awful lot Of Running (one of my favs!)
Exterminate Regenerate, Count The Shadows, Blink, Journey's End
by DoctorWhoFan July 27, 2009
Trock (v): to mess with a person, situation, or object; an obscene word used to add cacophony to any sentence that requires it; antonym: help; rock; useful.
by BellaMella January 6, 2013