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A Trisha girl is a stereotypical girl who is lost in the 80's or what you can call any girl who may exemplify any or all of the characteristics of said Trisha girl, from a picture from the 80's. A Trisha girl has the tight Jordache or Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans, comb in the back pocket, feathered hair, big hair, smoking a cigarette (usually a Newport), blue eyeshadow, probably listening to Pat Benatar, jeans tucked into their socks, white Reebok high-tops, typically skinny, etc...
Theresa: OMG! Look at that Trisha girl! Where do you think she found those Jordache jeans? lol
Tina: Wow! Talk about a blast from the past. I didn't know you could find anyone to cut a feather anymore.
Theresa: Do I hear, Love is a Battlefield coming from that Walkman she's sportin?
by shhhhsugar August 30, 2010
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