Trip Metal is a term that was conceived by John Olson of the band Wolf Eyes to categorize the band’s sound which originated in a meme that helped popularize the term. The genre covers a wide variety of what once constituted the noise music scene. An annual Trip Metal Fest, curated by the members of Wolf Eyes, showcases many of the acts that fall under the genre which takes place in Detroit and in recent years has spread to other cities in the Midwest.
John Olsen (sic) christened the phrase when he tweeted a photo of a wolf—fangs bared—with a declaration that his band embodied "Trip Metal."—ostensibly to highlight both the psychedelia and the aggression of his band's sound. -via Thump
by Keith Courage April 28, 2018
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A new genre of music which is not noise because noise is over completely, 100%.
Are you mugs into trip metal?
by nintendopowerviolence November 21, 2014
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