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A hood thats in north east houston,Known for gang violence,The BLOOD Gang runs that nieghborhood,and even have clicks in the nieghboor hood,(TGP)meaning Trinity Garden Posse and(TGP's) Meaning Trinity Garden Piru's.And also known For they're Dance Called The Trinity Garden Drop it's a new dance.This Nieghborhood Stretches From Homestead Road to Hardy Toll Road.You really know what nieghboor hood sombody from in houston Because You Have A unique car Color and since another nieghboorhood Has red already Trinity Garden Chose Candy Purple.
Trinity Garden .Say Relitive,You Going To Swang with me on Jensen?"where thats at Blood?" In Trinity Garden.
by Lil Tg January 17, 2009
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A Hard, Gangsterous Hood Not Too Far From 5th Ward. Located On The Northside Of Houston, Texas. Also Has A Dance Called "Trinity Garden Drop".
Man We Went To This Block Party In Trinity Gardens It Was Off The Chain.
by Trinity Gardens November 10, 2007
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