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Being that the origin of the word, "Trill", is in Texas closely associated to Houston rap culture, it is often thought Trill City would be Houston, Texas. Early use of the word has been seen throughout the southern United States in places like New Orleans, Memphis, and Atlanta.

The origin of "Trill" is Port Arthur, Texas, with its native rap group, UGK (Under Ground Kingz, Pimp C & Bun B), popularizing the word in Houston and elsewhere as they became influential icons for southern rap, comparable to 8 Ball & MJG.

So if the term were to be placed with a correct physical location in a historical context it would have to be Port Arthur, Texas.

However the first appropriation of the combination of words "Trill City" was by a crew known as Trill City Kings, a diverse group of Texans ranging widely in interest, artistic medium, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. The crew is associated to Texas youth culture infused with everything from skateboarding to graffiti, rap, and punk music. And their label "Trill City" was used as creative outlet for Texas centric expressions often in the form of typeface design and illustration. For this purpose, Trill City is an abstract concept more widely applicable as a state of mind.
Trill City, HOE!!
by SlimTexan May 19, 2015
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