The reminants of the three goddesses who created the land of Hyrule. Their names were Din, Faore and Nayru. The three pieces of the triforce are triangles arranged into a larger triangle. They represent Pwer, Wisdom and Courage. Said to grant a wish to those worthy of finding it.
Link was bestowed with the power of the Triforce of Courage.
by MAtt October 3, 2003
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v. To make an acii triangle composed of smaller triangles
▲ ▲

by Hezor February 3, 2009
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The legendary symbols created by the Goddesses that created the world. The upper Triforce is the Triforce of Power created by Din. The left is the Triforce of Wisdom created by Nayru. The right is the Triforce of Courage created by Farore. It was kept in the Sacred Realm, until Ganondorf infiltrated it and seized the Triforce of Power for himself. The Triforce of Wisdom went to Zelda, and Courage to Link. Uniting the Triforce will grant the user's deepest wish.
by Majora's Mask September 28, 2014
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1. (noun) The gold relic (or power) left by the 3 goddesses in the epic video games series The Legend of Zelda by Shigeru Miyamoto consisting of the powers of Strength (or Power), Courage, and Wisdom.
2. (verb) To arrange three triangles to make a bigger triangle (triforcing).
3. (verb) To succeed at being completely epic.
1. (Sages) By some practicle joke of the gods, Gannondorf had stolen and still possesses the Triforce of Power.
(Link) Wait, so I was born with this power inside my hand but Ganon somehow managed to steal a Triforce? What Did he chop someone's hand off and surgically implant it?
(Midna) That WOULD explain why he's green...
2. (newfag) ▲

▲ ▲
(newfag) NOOOO!
3. Chuck Norris IS the Triforce of power, BIZATCH!
by TabGuy August 2, 2010
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The Triforce is a triangle made of three other triangles each with a specific power binding them together. Link is the hero and therefore gets the Triforce of courage, Ganon who is basically the bad guy gets the Triforce of power, then there is the Triforce of wisdom which is wielded by princess Zelda and it has been passed down bloodlines to the princess, the princess can only use the power when the hero is around it seems. each game Link fights ganon to the death and zelda usually comes in with the power of the Triforce and seals Ganon away till another day when Ganon gets out and starts causing chaos once again
Link used the master sword then while Ganon was recovering from that blow from the sword he shot a light arrow strait into Ganon then suddenly Zelda appeared and sealed Ganon away with the power of the Triforce
by colininthehouse October 8, 2018
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Synonymous to three-way.
Link, Zelda and Ganondorf had a mad triforce at the party last night.
by Inebriated Penguin October 18, 2003
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