The nigga that will take yo bitch in .11 seconds. The nigga has no respect for relationships. He can enter your dreams fuck yo dream girl then somehow still get u to buy his album. Was trained by usher and he is currently training chris brown and August alsina
Trey songz fucked yo bitch yo mom yo sister and yo aunties
by dakingv September 19, 2015
A hot new R&B artist, compared to R.Kelly and Usher, best known for his new single Just Gotta Make It ft. Twista
Know we just gotta make it (alright)
by Miss Alyssa G July 21, 2005
From the way Trey Songz did it last night, I knew he invented sex.
by SarcasmBunny November 7, 2011
New R&B singer with a beautiful voice that will make girls moist down there.perfect creation by god.hardcore abs that make you want to lick them.big juice lips && very seductive eyes.
Claudia:hey did u hear that new song "your side of the bed" by trey songz?
Jenny:yeah it made me moist down there
Claudia:yeahhh i bet his neighbors know my name
by claunny July 21, 2010
Very talented male r&b singer who is more than just a handsome face and a sexy body. Visit and for more info. If you really love him become a member of his fanclub, Trey's Angels! Go to to sign up!
Shan: Isn't Trey Songz dropping two new mixtapes on 11-1-11 and his 5th album in 2012?

RaRa: YUUUP!!!!
by PearlAngel October 29, 2011
a VERY sexy R&B singer!! he is very talented. he can also rap and is quite good at it! his body is the freakn business it makes you just want to peel off his clothes everytime you see him. makes all the girls go CRAZY!! if you need some good lovin just pop in some good ol trey songz and you in there! his voice make all the girls need to go change their panties.....A NEW SEX SYMBOL AND HE WORKS IT WELL!!!
aye yo who is sexy thang ova there singing??
oh him girl you aint know that sexy beast is what we call trey songz!!!
by ayeteem July 30, 2010
Trey Songz is a SEXY man who is a R&B singer ; pop in one of his cd's and he will make your chonchis wet ! His body will literally make you drool ! His muscles will make you faint and his voice will just make you die !(oh and he has an amazinq booty)he always says "yeeaauuhh" in every sonq and did i mention he was SEXYYYYY ! hes a family man and loves his momma to death (she looks very young btw) he has a GORGEOUS smile and you will never get enough of him
Girl: why are my chonchis wet?
Other Girl: you were listening to trey songz huh ?.
by kayyboo ; October 17, 2010