A really crazy psychopath that lives in los santos in GTAV. While many people hate him inside the game, in the real world, he is one of the favorites people will enjoy. He drives a truck for hillbillies and enjoys running over people in it. Keep entertaining us Trevor, ok?
trevor is 1 of 3 players people chan choose from in gtav
by 12pissoff12 February 12, 2014
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short kid who tries get every chick. will force himself upon someone. thinks he is badass.
that guy is such a trevor
by joe blown June 28, 2009
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Trevor is the definaition of that phrase "looks can be deceiving"
He is a very sexy boy of mixed decent...nice body...tall...tan skin with a "red undertone" you know him "your typical redz"...georgous smile that would unfortunately melt any girls heart.He is a very happy boy...never seems depressed or sad...very active especially at parties(he loves too get d flex nah). A fan of football...slowly buy surely trying his best to play the sport better than he does now.Sounds dreamy...doesn't he?? Well he is not...he is everything you do not want your boyfriend to be. He is self-centred and every girl he walks past he wonders" does she think I am hot?" He tries his best to show that he cares but he is only interested in getting in your pants or "liming with his friends"
A very interesting character with a good sense of humour and an awesome personality. (here it comes the big but) But he is very confused and wants what is not his...something he will never get...NOT THIS TIME.
Omg trevor is such a bitch eh?
WOW Trevor is such a confused guy!
He reminds me of Trevor one week he tells her he is in love with someone else and the next he loves her.
Trevor is such aloser
by evilatitsbest April 25, 2009
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A very small penis
(Measuring to about 2 inches long)
"That guys got a trevor"

"I have about 3 trevors"
by dsafvdaxzcfcv September 01, 2008
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An exceedingly nasty vagina. Often found on larger women, or girls with excessive arm hair. A Trevor is not curable, once a girl has a Trevor, she will always have a Trevor
-Did you have sex with big girl last night?
-Nah, that bitch had a Trevor.
by HamAndCheeseOnBRI December 07, 2010
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A parasitic creature that feeds off of others until they have no further use. The creature cannot hold or maintain a job for an extended period of time. The Trevor usually goes after women with a low self esteem because they are easier to nail. Trevor also has a distinct wet dog odor.
get a job and quit being a Trevor
by mrsheart January 23, 2011
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