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A guy who is smart, loving, and cares about everyone. He's the friendliest person, and kind to all. He is a little bit of a nerd, but in a cute way. This guy will always be there for you, and support and back you up through anything. HE gives the best hugs, and lifts you up. Tall, funny, and warm-hearted. The cheesy romantic, lovey-dovey type. The most gorgeous eyes, that make you melt when you stare in them. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Can be used to describe ANY loving person. The definition of love.
1) Man, I Trent Norden you!
2) That guy is so sweet! Yeah, that's cause he's a Trent Norden.
3) I wish I had a Trent Norden!
by M.J;)4EVA April 03, 2010
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