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A young urban liberal female, who doesn't have any real social values. She just goes by what is trending to decorate her
walls with. She is not a trend setter, she just follows and adheres to the current trends that are already in place.
Yes she's a Trendy Wendy, she used to have Buddhist prayer flags on her porch, now she has Muslim women pictures up because thats whats trending.
by bossonvacation January 23, 2018
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Description of a person fashion sense and can have two alternative meanings:

1) Some one who is very fashionable and up to date with the latest trend

2) The opposite of the person above, someone who has no fashion sense
"Did you see what Carol was wearing"
"Yea, she's a right Trendy Wendy"
by yellowfleece January 17, 2010
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1.) Popular cartoon character/mascot amongst bad girls silk screened on women's T shirts. The character is designed by David and Goliath Tees.
2.) Hot chic on myspace from Seattle, WA who owns a hip clothing store. Her profile name is Trendywendy.
"Hey Christina, did you get that new Trendy Wendy shirt?"
"Ha ha! Yeah, I got the one where Trendy Wendy is like, displacing that guys nuts into outer space!"
"Bitch! I love that one! Oh well, I guess we can wear them on the same days to look like double trouble bad bitches!" (High five slap)
by Christina09 November 12, 2007
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Someone who pretends to be a muso, but is only interested in the music of the moment.
Helen used to be into grunge, but now she's a mod. She's a trendy wendy
by impychimpy July 24, 2005
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