To partake in an activity which no matter how detrimental to your health, allows you to enjoy yourself as much as possible.
Did you treat yourself over the weekend?

Are you treating yourself?

Treat yourself as you wish others to treat you.
by weelisa September 28, 2009
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when someone makes a mistake -
"treat yourself!"
when someone is caught slipping -
"treated!" "treat yourself"
"hey! nice shoes! psyche... TREATED!"
"treat yourself"
by dimsum delight August 16, 2008
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Friday - It's the end of the week, time to treat Yo self. You've been holding out all week for that fancy dinner, that manicure, those nice shoes? You worked hard all week. Treat yourself.
Man, it's been a long week. Thank goodness it's TYF Treat Yourself Friday!
by Enne October 19, 2018
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