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A women approaching thirty who is an unmarried baby's mama who tells you the first time you are about to have sex that she is on birth control therefore it is not required you use a condom. She knows no good man will want her used up baggage ladened ass and hopes that you will be stupid enough to get trapped into a relationship or pay child support payments. Usually the victim targeted is a man with a bright future, highly educated with no children of his own yet but has a soft spot for down on their luck women and attracts users.
Friend one: "Did you hear about Alex?"

Friend two: "Yea, I heard he was in medical school and almost ready to graduate into a surgery residency, he feel to start getting massive paid after he finishes."

Friend one: "His dumb ass got caught up in some trap pussy that worked on the hospital's cafeteria chow line and now has a kid on the way with a chick that has three kids by three different dudes!"
by A regular Urban Linguist July 30, 2011
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