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A post-secondary alternative to college or university. Trade school is often a two-year degree with small classes and hands on training. This is achieved by rolling admission and allows for excellent student/teacher ratios.

An excellent choice for students obsessed with one certain interest, trade school rejects the college "well-rounded" approach and instead masters one specific topic. Like art school, these students often build portfolios to show potential employers, making them more desirable candidates.

The best part about trade school is the living situation. Since most of these schools don't accommodate students on campus, they live on their own in the real world. This allows them to get a jump start on their college-bound brethren who live in the artificial "bubble" of college campuses.

Due to the unprecedented amount of college graduates, the job market for them is extremely competitive. Not so much for associate degrees. Jobs such as electrician, plumber, carpenter, mechanic, and gunsmith will always be in demand, not to mention that they pay pretty well too.

It truly is the "working man's education"
Guy: Jeff just graduated from trade school and makes good money as an auto mechanic.

Girl: Eww I wouldn't want to do that.

Guy: Well, he does.
by Indomitable798 October 03, 2010
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