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Is a large town past Livermore down in the valley over the Altamount. People who live there say they're from the Bay Area when realistically they're part of the Central Valley along with Stockton, Modesto and Manteca. You will know when you have entered Tracy because of the smell of cow manuer in the air coming through the vents of your car. People who don't live in Tracy mainly go there for the outlet or Sonic's because theres no Sonic's anywhere in the Bay.

The teens and some 20somethings act "gangster" and believe they were from Oakland when they were born there in Cow Town. The people here are diverse but not as diverse as the Bay Area. The majority nationality is Mexican, then White, the Asian, then Black and the rest.

There isn't anything to do in Tracy but go out to eat, shop and hang around. Its common in Tracy to see kids waving signs, thats because they are pointing to the houses/model homes for sale.

So stop by Tracy off of the freeway from Livermore and get some Sonics.
Lets go to Tracy california to buy Sonics and park on lawns.
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A town in California between Livermore and Stockton. The majority of the youth that live here act pathetically hard to be 'ghetto' or 'gangster'. About a good 70% of the teens/young adults are socially unaware and don't even go off to college after high school. Its not until they are in their mid to late twenties that they realize what a failure their life is, but can't do anything about it. Therefore they get married, have kids, and the next generation of ignorant Tracy kids are born.
Tracy california is filled to the top with kids who think they are from the bay when their not, ignorant, have no clue whats going on in the world, and are in complete denial they arnt 'from there' when they are.

I need to get out of this boring town where everybody thinks their a 'gangsta' when they grew up in farmville.
by cowfart455 February 13, 2011
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A small town in the valley. Part of Northern California not central enough to be called central valley. also known as The FILTHY 209. Tracy is known for its prison where the Mexican Mafia began. It is known for having gang activity. The place that SIR DYNO a NorteNo/Rapper is from. Tracy is known to have a lot of trafficking. Most crimes are not made public And most murderers are not found unless someone tells.
A small TRACY CALIFORNIA town next to the bay area. The place where all the people from the bay go when they're too broke to live in the bay.
by L1$$4 November 17, 2011
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