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A woman with a bright smile, kind eyes and endless amounts of love. A great mother and creative thinker. A survivor!
Tracie eyes smile
by Stark72 February 04, 2010
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the girl you see across the bar and really really wanna fuck but she is wayyy outta your league aka only if she is REALLLYYY drunk you MIGHT get some (prolly not)
I wanted tracie so bad but some super hot guy beat me to it and i got stuck with some ugly hag who i dont remember... at all.
by kiely April 12, 2009
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Gender: Feminine & Masculine

Tracie (a.k.a. Tracy, Tracey, Traci) is a complex individual shown by the many spellings and androgyny of the name. Tracie's are generally rebellious, worldly in nature, and lean towards the creative realm. They are intelligent deep thinkers. Tracie's may be extroverts, but they also harbor a quiet introspective side that is sometimes misconstrued as pretentiousness. Due to their creative, intellectual, fun and rebellious nature they tend to be ahead of the curve. They feel akin to the warrior spirit and therefore appear intimidating to others who don't know them.

Tracie's are individuals and, as so, shun any comparisons between Tracie and it's being a short form of Theresa. "Tracy", from an English surname, was derived from the Norman French "domain belonging to THRACIUS" handed down from Rome where it meant "of Thracia". The physical borders of Thracia no longer exist. What was left of Thracia was divided in the beginning of the 20th century between Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. Thracian has a strong regional identity in these areas.

Tracie’s are rare; they are ranked #544 for most common female first name (in the U.S.) with 0.024% of females in the United States named Tracie. Around 29,400 females are named Tracie in the U.S. Numbers vary for other spellings.

Very few men use this spelling of Tracie.
She's not a bitch, she's Tracie.
by GreenThumb218 November 01, 2010
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