A Japanese car company that stupid brainwashed Americans think is GOD. Was actually good in the 70s to the 90s until they started discontinuing their awesome models like the Supra, MR2 and the Celica. Now it's just overrated crap that is ugly and it drives like it's made by a monkey.
Brainwashed American: Check out my new Toyota Camry! It's the best selling car in America and it will last 50 years!

Me: Shut up, you're obviously brainwashed and my new Ford Fusion is better than that Grandma car crap.
by Toyotah8r February 13, 2010
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Crap. Reliable and regular as my grandmother's prune-fed bowel movements, maybe, but still crap.
Neighbor A: "Wow! Is that your new Toyota?"

Neighbor B: "Sure is! What do you think?!"

Neighbor A: "...well, it's crap."
by MikeMikeMikeMikeJimJim January 27, 2010
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To move forward without stopping. Often without concern for personal health; or when to applied to business it's to presue something while ignoring ethics.
"He's going Toyota on that home work assignment. I bet he crashes."
by tackonator March 30, 2010
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Very responsible for fucking up NASCAR and killing alot of people because of faulty brakes, any questions?
Reporter: In the news... Ford is looking forward to kicking Toyota's ass in next years Daytona 500

Kyle Busch:What?
by MoronMan22 June 24, 2011
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Toyota ...

Frequently found clogging most highways in California, and most suburban US hellholes, in that way they are kind of like Zebra Mussels.

The car your dad buys because "that guy you know" owns one.

That annoying little car blocking the center lane rolling 55mph in a 70 ... because 60mpg is just not good enough.

Older Toyotas can be recognized by the motor and frame rolling down the road without the body.

A car no one will ever write songs about.
Q: "Hey have you checked out the newest Toyota?"

A: "Yeah, it was my Taxi on the way here."
by Zentrucker May 11, 2014
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Toyota: A Japanese baced automotive company that is highly involved in CART and Indy racing leauges. Produces efficent and long lasting cars, as well as performance cars such as MR2 SW20, Corolla AE86, and of course Supra. While Toyota has its nay-sayers normally consisting of Domestic manufactures supporters, Toyota works in conjunction with Cheverolet to produce cars that cost less, but,with the same quality one would expect from each company.
"My 1991 MR2 has a E.T. of 12.1 with only $26,000 invested (inclueding car). Try finding a car for $26K that can do that."
by Brudog91MR2 December 08, 2003
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