the definition of a rice racer, with a hunk of sheet metal taped around a straight six engine. also known as the incarnation of the devil by amcar fans. if you see one, take it out on the shooting range and use it for target practice.
vegard: omg look a Toyota Supra....sweet..
Me: yeah practice..*locks and loads one 50. cal MG...*
by mean mother fucker January 10, 2006
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The 5th generation Toyota Supra, officially called the GR Supra. It is considered one of the most controversial new cars, because it is manufactured alongside its mechanical twin, the BMW Z4. Both of these cars are similar, but very different at the same time. One is Japanese and one is German for instance. The A90 Supra may have a BMW engine, but its still as good as the old Supra, if not better.

I mean seriously, the Zastava Florida was co developed with the Fiat Tipo, but no one ever said; "Oh, it's just a rebadged Tipo..."
While haters are going to hate, the A90 Toyota Supra is a seriously good car, even if it was a team effort.
by username4544 August 26, 2020
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Coolest 90s sports car EVER! sleek,fast,and stunningly beautiful can be distinguished from lesser models by its meaner stance, 5-spoke alloy rims, and rear spoiler. the twin turbo 1JZ-GTE motor spitting out 276 horses makes it a threat to anything under $45000 and in black it just looks badass!
holy shit! did you see that! what was that thing! it must have been doing 140! easy

that my friend was a 1992 Toyota Supra 2.5GT Twin-Turbo
we'll never catch that in our riced out civic with a fart can,neons, and 8000lbs of various crap; none of which helps performance.

you got that right lets go get some ghetto ass spinner hubcaps from auto-zone.

ok, woo-hoo!
by pacesetter December 03, 2010
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