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A guy that stays with a demanding, high maintaince/ low reward female, who walks all over him, ridicules him and removes his of all self esteem because she allows him to fuck her frequently. This often requires an intervention by family or friends in order to get him extracated from the relationship. May be abreviated TPS Symptoms : not talking with long time friends because she doesn't like them, telling him he needs to change( any habit that she finds she doesn't like), tearing him down verbally, to the point of depression, doing everything she wants and rarely does what he wants to do, needing to know where he is at all times, only lets him talk with with others that she deems ok and gives permission to talk, constantly is apologizing to her for some minor infraction, begs her to forgive him because she says that he is the root of all her dissatisfactions and problems in life, expects him to read her mind to meet all her needs and wants.
1-Did you see Myles? He looks terrible since shortly after he started seeing Emily and she started running his life. He has all the symptoms of Toxic Pussy Syndrome. 2-Hey, all the guys are taking Myles out to party tonight to help him recover from his TPS.

3- I can't believe that I got infected with Toxic Pussy Syndrome again. I thought I was immune to it after getting last t year from Emily .
by swamp stud- go gators October 25, 2009
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