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Slang for upper management, as in those who inhabit the Ivory Tower.

Anyone isolated by their position from the front lines of the actual business they do. They typically still meddle, often blindly, into micro-management from afar.

They are prone to visiting the different areas of the company, often expecting regal treatment and yes-man answers. These visits are usually to the surprise and mortification of those who work the front lines, causing disruption and anxiety.

Tower Jockeys are often responsible for the worst, most mindless ideas that drift down the line of a company from it's upper management.
"Did you hear Gary, the F---ing tower jockeys are visiting town tomorrow and visiting the stores"

"Joe has to get everything perfect for when the tower jockeys visit next week from coorporate."

Veteran to new hire: "Look, Billy, when the tower jockeys get here next week just nod and say you agree with whatever they say, even if they are talking about that stupid new system they just rolled out that caused that huge mess last week."
by Wordsmith 1 June 12, 2009
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