An easily diagnosable condition of the tourette syndrome family.

It's caused by an over excitement of unconscious brainwave feelings towards the well known computer game "Resident evil 5" and is mostly traceable to the "Mercenaries" stage.

The player, suffering from the condition will play the aimless mode as normal, will go to melee an enemy, it's during the melee animation the player will unknowingly tap into the inventory screen and quickly, almost Weskerr/Neo lightning quick, transfer the ammo into the gun placement and then exist lavishly out of the inventory screen.

That is a more general indication that the player is suffering from the condition. A more serious diagnosis are as follows and in many of these cases, the inventory is brought up for a split second for the user to then take away, not actually reloading anything, you are advised to see a doctor in these extreme circumstances, or to cease playing this fucking dogshit mode that is about as classic as Andrew Evenstars hair;

-Inventory twitching when hitting a timer
-Inventory twitching when jumping through a window
-Inventory twitching when jumping up/down from a ledge
-Inventory twitching when climbing up a ladder
-Inventory twitching when climbing down a ladder
-Inventory twitching when dashing

And many, many more symptoms

Mercenary tourette syndrome (AKA Inventory twitching) here I go again "RESIDENT EVIL FIVVVVEEEEE"
by Mercenary doctor April 11, 2011
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Tourettes Text Sydrome is a severe condition of which a person has sudden urges to text random and innapropriate text messages to another.
" oh man, i reckon emma has a really bad case of Tourettes Text Syndrome.. "

"how come?"

"she just sent me a message saying 'what the f*&$ mother f$%^#@, im going to #$^^$& your ##%^&@ mother #%#$^% brothers #%^%&*@!"

"holy crapp.."

"yeah i know.."
by lhgfda February 24, 2009
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an emotional, developmental, and neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, involuntary expletives, criticisms occurring during residency training.

Often associated with mood swings, aggressiveness, hormone imbalance.

Exacerbated by junior residents, ED residents, and females- in general.

Instant triggers include critical lab value pages, opposition, going to the OR, sobriety, macro-nutrient imbalance.
ED Resident 1: The only resident listed on hand call is Lindsay Allred. I'd rather just replant the hand myself then call her...
ED Resident 2: Dude, I heard she was diagnosed with Residency-Induced Tourette (RIT) syndrome.
ED Resident 1: It all makes sense! Well if the replant doesn't work, I'll still have the same success rate as Ryan Rebowe.

Critical lab value page: Patient calcium 8.4 mg/dL
Lindsay: *RIT EXPLOSION* $@%*! #$%!@+
by ED attending June 21, 2019
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