A neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by physical tics. These tics travel from the brain down through the carpal cannal causing the subject to experience uncontrolled urges to type mostly incoherent babble and useless drivel. When one finds themselves on social media sites carrying on senselessly, typing a lot but saying mostly nothing, this is known as carpal tourette syndrome (CTS).

It's basically a get out of jail free card for those times when you've typed something that you regret and can't delete it.
I blame my carpal tourette syndrome for last night's facebook rant.

I didn't mean to be so mean when I texted you, it's my carpal tourettes flaring up again.

No I'm not a racist, I have carpal tourette syndrome!
by Bartimus Maximus November 01, 2013
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A form of Tourette's syndrome where the individual with the disorder expresses his or her tic through digital means. This generally results with a multimedia transmission, but occasionally is expressed using 'phonic' typed messages.
Johnny just had another tic. His text message stated "Weehaahhhhh *Flaps Arms*" He has a serious case of digital tourette's syndrome.
by Luke of Ander April 23, 2011
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Having the tendency to scream profanities at other drivers who are talking on their cell phones, futzing with their I-Pods or doing everything but paying attention to the road. But usually yelling at your lap so nobody else knows you are calling other drivers nasty names.
Why are you screaming m***er f***er into your lap?

Because that dumb ass guy needs to hang up and drive - but if he sees me calling him that - he might pull over and beat me up! I have Vehicular Tourette's Syndrome.
by Silverlock March 29, 2009
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The uncontrollable urge to curse loudly upon seeing or hearing Donald Trump
I was watching the news this morning when they mentioned the "president", causing me to engage in immediate Trump Tourette Syndrome. (TTS, for short)
by Proge Facciabrutta April 05, 2017
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The inability to withhold or refrain from making political comments.
The presence of Republicans, right wing conservatives, and idiots causes me so much stress, my political tourette's syndrome is uncontrollable. People who know me understand I just can't help myself. Recent events have me avoiding most social and political situations.
(come on, not really.)
by Nancy M. Hawkins February 25, 2006
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Youtube Tourettes Syndrome is a relatively new disorder that has sprung up across social network websites recently...Those afflicted with this syndrome will incessantly post random youtube videos of crappy old songs one after another causing newsfeed constipation...At this time there is no known cure, you can only hide these users from your newsfeeds and hope that one day the symptoms will subside.
Chris "Fuck I had to scroll through five pages of (named changed to protect privacy) posting Pearl Jam & Beck Youtube videos"
Sabrina "Sounds like he must have Youtube Tourettes Syndrome"
by Worldfamouschris September 09, 2011
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Someone with Music Tourettes Syndrome (MTS) Is usually someone who has mass amounts of music, which is necessary for the constant changing of songs.

If you find yourself in a car or listening to music with someone with MTS, its best to not get too involved in listening to a song, because within the first 30 seconds or so, they will change the song. Its all about the constant turn over of songs, they seem to lack the will, patience, or attention span to actually listen to the entirety of a song.
Ted selects "Losing My Religion - REM" on his iPod.

30 seconds later, Ted changes the song.

Stacy: "Hey! I like that song..."

Ted: "Uh huh..." *Scrolls through iPod for next song.*

Stacy: D:<

Ted has some serious Music Tourettes Syndrome.
by VeSlapsYou January 10, 2012
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