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A sarcastic phrase used to express one feelings of flippancy. Similar to the phrase β€˜Too Bad’
Man comes into shop
Shopkeeper: I'm just about to go on my lunch break, I'll get Margret to serve you. MARGRET, MARGRET....slight pause

Margret: ....YEES!

Shopkeeper: shouting upstairesCan you come down and serve this gentleman please?

Margret: after a moment of awkwardness...I haven't got any arms or legs!

Shopkeeper: Aww...that's tough tits int' it.
by AJ, from Nottingham Trent Uni January 01, 2005
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another (and a bit crude and nasty) way of "too bad", "tough beans", "tough shit", "tough turd", "tough tudballs" or anything of similar sediment.
The jury speaker: The jury finds the defendant GUILTY of all charges - treason, rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault, perversion, prostitution running, money laundering, tax evasion, corruption, abuse of office, covering up, obstruction of justice, stealing, election fraud, collaborating with foreign governments, nepotism, neglect, dereliction of duties, and incest!

Speaker of the Impeachment Committee: You are hereby removed from your position as President of the United States of America. I now sentence you to life imprisonment with NO chance ever of parole!

Donald Trump: I am a god! I can do anything I want to! I can grab women by the pussy and I can give them titty-twisters if I want and I can fuck them even if they don't consent. I can legally rape them! I can marry my daughter Ivanka too! I love to walk up behind her and squeeze her tits! Ooh it feels so good! You can't take these pleasures away from me! You can't remove me from office! I AM A GOD!!!

Speaker of the Impeachment Committee: Tough tits, you traitor muthafuckah!!!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice January 23, 2018
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