What kids that didn't get ass whoopings as kids never got enough of.
She is attention and hug seeking because her father never once wooped her ass (even her mother mollycoddled her and never wooped her ass, and gave her any attention she demanded to get as a kid, and thus she can't do without attention or other people around her all the time), so she doesn't know what tough love is, and thinks the world isn't compassionate enough. She has a geeky sense of innocence within herself and others that doesn't exist in reality, where no humans are entirely innocent or undeserving of suffering. In reality, her sense of justice is that any rule or law that supports her and gets somebody else in trouble is right and just, no matter the rule or law, and any rule or law that disagrees with her or would get her in trouble was unjust, though people like her never actually faced the same consequences everybody else would over breaking rules and laws.
by The Original Agahnim June 19, 2021
The version of tough love where the parent (typically) has to tippy-toe the tough love, rather than do smash-their-car- level tough love.

Variants: tippy-toe tough love Antonym: smash-their-car-level tough love
Child: Pick my hanger up
Parent: No
Child (still in bed at midday): But you knocked it down
Parent: Its for your own good. GET OUT OF BED AND PICK THE *** THING UP YOURSELF
Child: !
Parent: Kid gloves tough love, sweetie, kid gloves tough love
by gmaroz May 22, 2021