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The last resort for removing people on facebook. While it has been possible to reach a 5,000 friend limit, the excuse is usually used to get rid of the annoying 'friends' you added or accepted to build up your friend count, or those who are no longer friends.
Can also be used to explain trimming your 'friends' down to just your real ones, not the myriad of acquaintances or suggested friends that build up.
Bob; 'Hey, Mike was asking why you deleted him on fb last night? Was it something to do with you walking in on him and your sister...'

John; 'Oh, no, tell him too many friends.'

Bob; 'The hell, you have like 200 friends?'

John; 'Exactly.'

Facebook status; 'Hey, sorry guys, too many friends. If I delete you, don't add me, cheers.'
by Jimdawg2 June 30, 2010
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