A “Tonka Truck” Is a large four wheeler vehicle carrying large sums of Benjamin Franklins accompanied by heavy artillery weapons. This should never be confused with a “Brinks Truck”.
Say bruh, did you see that Tonka Truck pass by? That must be heading to 2000.
by Celius September 1, 2021
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Thick male or female. Could either be athletically built or slightly chubby but term is used as a positive praise. Could be considered catcalling.
Damn! Besar's built like a Tonka Truck!
by benchwarmer1 January 7, 2019
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A sex move involving a girl being placed in a sex swing and being penetrated in her ass by a man he then cums inside, he then lays down under her and the cum is then dumped on his chest when she rocks forward letting it out.
bro i Tonka trucked her so hard last night, i got covered!
by thismakesJimmysogay January 14, 2014
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A fat bitch you fucked and forgot about then have to pay for service.
What did you do last night?
I had a tonka truck stop by.
A fat bitch i didnt pay.
Like a prostitute?
by Clorox the Bleach November 10, 2017
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Nice big round tits, particularly special on a short chick
Shit boi check out dem tonka trucks due east
by King Stu May 30, 2007
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Getting Tonka Trucked is when you get struck by a large, often nigh-unstoppable force, such as a vehicle or other large, fast-moving object, without being run over; instead, you get pinned, knocked back, or sent flying. Like a Reinhardt charge.
"Where's our Mercy dude?"

"Didn't you see the kill feed? Reinhardt Tonka Trucked her, bro."
by InkheartLives October 12, 2019
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