Tommy is a great person who will do anything to make you smile and will put you out of your baddest moods. He is the sweetest person you will meet and knows how to treat a girl right. He holds back too much but he shouldn't. He has a great set of eyes and great sense of humour but most his jokes are dead. Overall he is great in bed and has a large penis😂😂😂 on a serious note tommy is a real cutie and will do anything for me.
Tommy is peng (dnt get gassed)
by Alketsaliugraca November 14, 2016
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Tommy is a word that is used to describe something that is extremely and unnaturally fabulous and kawaii. Tommy is the lovechild of the Duckling Clan, and was deemed the almost the highest rank of fabulousness, therefore anything with high levels of fabulousness is dubbed Tommy.

Tommy is number 2 on the Fabulous Scale:

1. PewDiePie
2. Tommy
3. Just Fabulous
4. Cry's Laugh
5. Ducks
6. Pink
7. Glitter/Sparkles
8. Old People
9. Feather Boas
10. Rainbows
"You look so Tommy today, definitely more fabulous than usual!"

"Did you see that picture of Derick on Insta? He was so freaking Tommy in it!"
by YaoiLover2448 August 31, 2014
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Tommy is a guy who strives for perfection. He works twice as hard compared to everyone around him. A Tommy is always helping others and never puts himself first. Everyone Tommy meets feels as though they are best friends with him. He is very family oriented. Tommy is a doer. While others are talking about what they have to do Tommy is already doing it.
lisa: who is that guy helping everyone?

cole: oh that’s Tommy! He’s always helping someone!
by amf53 July 02, 2018
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The most amazing thing that will happen to you. Can kick ass and will make you happy all year round. Tells it like it is and is one of the sweetest guys on earth. He is also hilarious. And he has a giant penis.
Tommy is the best thing that's ever happened to me
by twotoned October 19, 2011
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A smexy hot goofy groovy lil tinker he is swift as the wind and as charming as the moon but if you make him mad you better run like road runner! He holds him family and friends higher a Tommy and a maison are a dynamic duo
Oooh that's just Tommy
Only the most sexyest boyy
by Tommy trouble January 28, 2019
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Sweet, charming guy, with a nice personality. Sometimes says the wrong things on acceident but will do just about anything to make you smile. He's just an amazing guy and loverr.:DD
Im so lucky to have my Tommy.:)
by H*s43v3r October 21, 2009
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Tommy is a god. He thinks he’s worthless, and he’s insecure. However he has epic powers he has yet to discover. Once he masters his abilities, he will be able to rule the universe. Go now ladies. Before he gets out of your league.
Dude Tommy just conquered a country
Woah really
He has reached his full potential. Nothing will stop him now
by The salt wizard December 23, 2019
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