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A rare species of miserable, little man who thinks he's entitled to sexually harassing females and places blame on his sexual confusion/frustration. Often arrogant and believes he's attractive to both genders, oblivious to how repulsive he is to glance upon.

Tomato satans come in a variety of colors, but red is most common. Hence the name tomato satan, due to the red pigmentation often resembling the red of a tomato and also satan.

Other common traits include crooked stature, carelessly talking bad of their friends and family, making any one that ever wasted time on them angry and regretful, disgusting every female they ever knew, becoming a source of far too many inside jokes, and being an overall failure at life.

Don't get involved with a tomato satan for they are extremely toxic and can easily dissolve your social relationships with others.
Girl 1: Wow that guy over there is trying wayyyy to hard to hit on Ben and Ben's not even gay. Wth is going on?
Girl 2: That's a tomato satan for ya...they don't understand no.
by clillaryhinton October 17, 2017
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