a guy who has sex with multiple women from places like geraldton (not azia) and films it ON LOCATION , sometimes girls like rebecca fiumu decide to shove bottles up their pussys for TOM MAY enjoyment , little does she know the production its all around her home town.
Me: hey did you see that video last night on dave's pphone?
Cooper:yeah was a TOM MAY production
by hahawtfahahwtfahahwtf October 08, 2008
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A pale skinned alien demond, that has a head way to big for his body. Name often goes with Tom=ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! really scary,amd often follows kids preferably kids with the names Brandon or Joe. He wants to Rape these kids, and has secret layers in the janitors closet. If u sweep for his janitor minions the wrong way they will kill u. Overall Tom has a big head, stocks kids, and has pale scary skin.
Hey whos that really scary kid that went into the Janitors Closet???

Noooo thats Tom, and hes raping Joe and Brandon...........AAAAHHHH he just got on the mothership!!!!!!!!
by tomisrape May 21, 2009
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Short for tomorrow in internet slang or chat programs/rooms. Another form of the abbreviation is "toms".
Are we going out to the club tom?
by Fred Wong February 29, 2008
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a Huge nerd living on earth. Tom usually a huge nerd who wears terrible clothing like shoes and has crappy shoes. Tom only has nerd friends or not very much friends
Guy 1~ look at that nerd
Guy 2~Thats a Tom
by tom lover May 30, 2011
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a young boy who knows nothing, when he thinks he knows everything, is very short & is the same in his pants. not very likely to hook up, because tends to be very nerdy and unsocial. has big dreams for music and youtube videos but unfortunately he will not succeed in that career. he has one best friend/boyfriend/neighbor. his life revolves around texting and doing his hair and the mall. his second best friend is also a nerdy one too (with glasses). tom's tend to be world's biggest jerks/backstabbers. not to mention manwhores who think they get some, but haven't quite yet. :)
girl: "heyyyy! nice to meet you!"
tom: smiles & *runs for the door* and yells TEXT ME LATER.
by iiknow everything June 24, 2009
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Not your friend.
Guy #1: Dude, I just made an account on Myspace a couple days ago. It looks really cool, but every time I log on I feel like my soul is being sucked out of me.
Guy #2: No, that's normal with social networking sites. However, I have just been up for four days straight drinking espresso and researching the Tom-Santa-George Bush-Illuminati-Google-Deathly Hallows-Watergate-Iraq-KGB conspiracy, so you better delete your account anyway.
Guy #1: :O

...It's true. Look it up on the conspirators' website, tomandsantaandgeorgeandallusilluminatiguysandlarryandsergeyandthekgb.org.
by The Anonymouse August 22, 2008
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