Touches other men
Person 1: Dude, I saw someone TOMming the other day!
Person 2: Ewww, that's gross!
by SuperMonkey June 15, 2013
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T.O.M is a definition for a girls period, her "time of month". It's both a way to keep it private, but let others know if it's needed.
Girl 1: "OMG T.O.M came today, I about screamed."
Girl 2: "Oh I'm sorry, hope he doesn't visit me too soon."
by Mother Nature's Gift July 19, 2010
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is the coolest dinosaur around. He's green with a cheeky big smile. If you know a TOM like this, you are amazing.
"My TOM is amazing."
by JLTom January 31, 2009
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A shorthand for "tomorrow." Used because tomorrow is a bitch to spell and is way longer than it should be.
"Hey, aren't you supposed to meet that girl today?"
"No, dog. I meet her tom."
"Hell yah man, totally do her."
- A normal conversation

"Tom, tom, tom, tom only a day away!"
- Sound of Music

"The Day After Tom"
- A shorthand for the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"
by RedMarker February 23, 2009
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The name alone makes people 10km around shriek in excitement. Tom brings joy to all especially his girlfriend by being so damn awesome. Most frequently found in KD.
'i dream of tom nightly'
'hey you were so tom last night' 'nah way, im not nearly in the tom league'
by ihearttom February 24, 2010
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Commonly used military term for a private soldier in the army.
The floor needs sweeping.

Ok, I'll get a TOM to do it.
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
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