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Derived from the term TOM FOOLERY.
TOM LEACHERY (AKA TOM SPONGERY) is the act of imposing excessive dependence on ones parents, siblings, coworkers or friends. Usually a behaviour committed by adult males between the ages of 21 and 30. These grown men refuse to leave the safety and security of their parents home - preferably the basement.
The allure of unlimited high-speed internet, free room, hot meals and a complete lack of real world responsibility is often too much to resist.

This act of Tom Leachery is (in best cases) ignored and (in many cases) despised by the subjects peers. Peers that are forced to live within the daily of confines of a 'normal' adult life: Mortgage/Rent, Car Payments, Marriage/Relationship, Children.

Adults committing acts of Tom Leachery enjoy numerous benefits including; increased cash flow, reduced stress, adequate sleep and a complete inability to sympathize with the their more 'responsible' counterparts.

What's with him these days? He's bought three bikes in the past month and damn he's gotten fast.

What do you expect? The biggest concern he faces each day ranges from 'did mom wash my underwear' to 'will dad leave enough gas in the Camry'.

I know, we can't be the only ones sick of his Tom Leachery...anyone call his parents?
by Anthony's Replacement June 12, 2008
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