some crappy television host that seems to represent 94% of ABC's program output. Hosts "Dancing with the Stars" and "America's Funniest Home Videos".
Jack: Did you see that crazy new reality show on ABC last night? It was crazy.
John: No. Who hosted it?
Jack: Tom Bergeron
John: Enough said.
by Corn Flake November 22, 2006
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A 5-cup beer pong re-rack with three cups on one side and two on the other. It is also commonly referred to as a Zipper, Special Olympics, or 3-2 Offset, but these people are uncivilized heathens without any class. A real man calls for a Tom Bergeron.
"Hey let me get a Tom Bergeron"

"Gimme a good ol' Tommy B"
by treekin April 2, 2014
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