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Sanskrit term for a sexual pose in which male & female lie on their sides, facing the same direction. The male then inserts his sheeshna (penis) into the yoni (vagina) from behind as the female pulls her knees up towards her chest. As described by Candra Cakravarti, the act is common amongst the Negroid-Australoid Dravidians, on account of the abnormally large size of the black Dravidian Penis:

"Tiryaka - Lateral semiprone position, lying on their sides, facing the same way with the husband approaching from the rear as the wife draws up her knees to avoid pressure in pregnancy or the genital organs are incongruous, that is the penis too long and the vagina too short, in order not to hurt the cervix by repeated thrusts. It prevents quick ejaculation from the male. It stimulates urethral eroticism of the female. The Austric wife sleeps with her back to her husband's front." ('Sex life in ancient India', Chandra Chakraverty. Calcutta: K L Mukhopadhyay, 1963, p.135)

It is also practised by Aryan females during their initial nights with a Shudra Man, or when initially adjusting to the size of the Aboriginal Shudra Penis, in addition to the common practise of tying dupattas around the base of the Telingana Black Snake. It is rarely recorded in Aryan lands, on account of the shortness of the Indo-Aryan Penis due to which only the glans, if at all, is able to penetrate beyond the glutes & into the yoni in this pose.
1) Nargis: I cannot take your Malabar Black Snake! It is three times as big as the largest Aryan Penis I have seen!
Ravana: No problem, my Paki Shahzadi (princess), we will try the Tiryaka Pose.
Nargis: What is that ?
Ravana: Turn around & pull your knees up to your breasts!
Nargis (turns around & pulls knees up): Like this ?
Ravana (inserts BBDD into her vagina from behind): Yes, that is right! Now breathe deeply & relax!
Nargis (breathes deeply as his big black Ravana-Lingam goes up her tight Aryani Fuddi): That feels good!
2) Selvan: You know that your Safedoo (whitey) Aryan Boys are unmanly wimps with short Ganges Worms! So why won't you sleep with me tonight ?
Geeta: Well, I heard you Tri-Lingas are a little too big down there!
Selvan: No problem, I know how to handle you tight Aryan Londis (girls)! We will try the Tiryaka Pose at first till you get used to my Dravidian Char-Minar!
Geeta: That sounds like a wonderful idea! Let us try it now!

3) Moolla Do-Pyaza (tying hollow Big Black Dravidian Dildo onto his penis): See, I am not a Ganges Worm tonight!
Moollani: But I think your Malabar Black Snake is now a bit too big for me!
Moolla Do-Pyaza: No problem, let us try the Tiryaka Pose!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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