Bob: Yo' who is this T.I rapper?
John: He used to be TIP, but he's still a Ten Inch Playa.
by Benders October 16, 2007
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to walk with flare or panache; to promenade; swagger.
The definition comes from old skool Vegas Show Girls... it is what they do on stage when they are wearing their full regalia.
-Did you see them hoes on 8th Ave. after the club? Them bitches was tippin...
-You wanna hit the streets and tip?
by Princess Venezuela June 24, 2010
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When someone dyes the ends of their hair a different color than the rest of their hair
Look at that girl she just got her tips done.
by ShineTilly October 11, 2005
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irish,mainly Donegal word for kissing,or making out
Person 1:omg,im going out with Sean!!
Person 2:really,since when?
Person 1:like,a week ago!
Person 2:did yous tip yet?
by iLoveRockAndRoll February 16, 2010
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