A person/user with a very "creepy" avatar and games pretending to hack people/games. They usually gain popularity in Tiktok and Youtube. On TikTok, most videos are about the hacker and "staying safe" while on Youtube, it debunks the hacker.
UnseenBones is a Roblox Tiktok Hacker.

Atrozia is A Roblox Tiktok Hacker because his account was made days ago!
by August 27, 2022
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A side of tiktok which includes bad dancing, pretty privilege, homophobia, terrible couple pranks, and overall cringiness. Usually the default settings of people reside here but any sexuality can be on straight tiktok.
I accidentally got onto straight tiktok the other day. Worst experience ever.
by 🍓 soph December 3, 2021
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The best and superior side of TikTok. Where all the unproblematic people reside. Everyone in straight TikTok supports the right things and can take a joke.
Dan: Are you on straight tiktok or alt tiktok?
Kenny: Straight duhh, that's the best side
Dan: good
by Chloe Lee October 23, 2020
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Straight TikTok is the mainstream TikTokers who first made the app popular by sharing dance videos and shirtless thirst traps. Or in simple terms, straight tiktok is like your math grade, so bad not even god can help you
Hey, did you see the new video of that shirtless guy doing a thirst trap?
Yes...we both are on straight tiktok then
by boobreelemon May 17, 2021
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a content creator who mostly post their art like cartoon providing funny goofs and laughs. although he hasn’t shown his face we can all tell he has long puffy hair which is based on one of his characters. he also hosts a realm on minecraft bedrock which he plays on its mostly taken by a furry and a child.
“have you seen speedbump tiktok’s new tiktok???”
by anon103322 March 19, 2021
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