someone who enjoys to either dance or edit or many other things
hey have you seen KatRxsie's tiktok yet or Charli's? (two of these are tiktokers)
by KatRxsie February 14, 2022
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A Tiktoker is a person with very low intelligence skills. They are mostly just dumb people who where born after the year of 2000 (usually 14-19yo) who want to be pornstars but are still to young to do it without their parents getting angry.
I am a tiktoker and I am a famous internet person.
by J no 7 June 1, 2020
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A TikToker is a lowlife idiot whose IQ is 10 at max. They also think they can actually dance, and stuff.
Kid: Hey, are you a TikToker?
Kid 2: OMG yasss! I make 15 TikToks everyday and burned down my grandma's house, which resulted in killing her, for 7 views!! Isn't that great??? 😜
Kid: Never speak to me again.
by zxcmnbzxc February 25, 2022
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A TikToker is usually a female inbetween the ages of 9-18. They are usually attention seekers and are constantly acting depressed and sad for attention. They are also clout looters and will do anything for it. Their videos consist of slutty dances and cringe lip-sync. Their taste in music is also very bad. They infest TikTok and some of them are emigrating to other social media apps.
Emily: "omg im so sad and upset this boy rejected me im gonna shake my ass on tiktok because my followers will be nice"
Jake: "filthy tiktoker"
by Urbandudeorwhatever October 15, 2021
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A group of people with IQ below 0 (oftenly -3) which use idiocy and stupidity to make video on a horrid platform called tiktok which is no less than a platform plague by indecency and stupidity
Look,he/she is doing a weird dance on a camera he/she must be a TikTokers
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basically a dude that wears 5 inch seam shorts and Nike dunks preferably the black and white dunks. this shit started when the pandemic started. also when they're wearing a Carhartt top and air Jordan 1s
person 1: yo you seen his fit? shit is ass
person 2: yea he be dressing like everybody else, he wearing a tiktok fit LMFAO
by Trippiereddit69 December 1, 2021
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when a tiktoker is pointing to the sky on camera
alex: you watch dream tiktoks?

john: dream stans use tiktok hands yuckin
by MoldyCheeselover!!! October 1, 2021
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