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"Tight Sneakers" is a term that Phil's dad uses to describe any intense or troublesome situation. An example of this would be being pulled over. The term was adopted by Phil, Zack, Judson, and Austin for their Saturday adventures, which they pretend are episodes of a Sitcom called Tight Sneakers. The first episode was called DJ's and BJs. In each episode Judson drives, Phil is on shrooms, Zack retells the events of each night, and Austin plays DS and wears loose sandals. The Tight Sneakers are an elite force, an unlikely band of misfits, a hodgepodge of characters, and it works. They plan to have guest stars in the future. When using the term "tight sneakers" or referring to these adventures, one should always "give credit where credit is due" -(Dante Hicks, Clerks), and site their influence from Phil's dad for the phrase, and Phil, Zack, Judson, and Austin for the adventures.
Phil: Oh man, the coppers are flashing their lights and sirening me.
Phil's dad: Tight sneakers, Philip, tight sneakers...

Phil: Man, I cannot wait for the next Tight Sneakers, during which I shall be on shrooms.
Judson: Yes, and I can't wait to sit behind the wheel of your puke-green Suburu Outback, 2000 edition again, Phil.
Zack: You are both right, July 2nd was loads of fun, as I have explained to multiple audiences, so this shall be even more fantastic.
Austin: Me and my loose sandals would like to know: where that DS at?
by Robert Lawrence Paulson July 05, 2006
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