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Tigard is the worst suburb of Portland, Oregon which is in the worst state in the universe. That would be Oregon.

Tigard, Oregon is a lower class suburb of tacky houses, loads of petty crimes, out of control teenagers with issues and terrible parents with no sense of responsibility. It is fugly, fugly, fugly with lots of tacky streets full of fugly pickup trucks and minivans. Tigard is UGLY. Did I say Tigard is UGLY? That is because Tigard is UGLY.

The main street of Tigard which is, creatively, called Main Street is full of broken down buildings underneath an overpass that just rains down dust and grime. It is a truly sad little place.

Tigard is like one big tacky strip mall (even the actual malls feel like tacky strip malls) surrounded by parking lots and highways. The houses and the people are just an after thought. Tigard, Oregon is just one big traffic roundabout belching noise, dust, grime and pollutants.

Tigard has no sense of city planning. Tigard is a mess. Tigard is one big, wet mess. There are jumbled houses and apartments and condos all mashed together. Weeds grow everywhere in Tigard.

In civilized places with a better class of people parents watch their children but noooooo that would be too difficult for the inept parents of Tigard, Oregon.
Tigard Oregon
Tigard family of Tigard Oregon
Tigard house in Tigard Oregon
by pdssssf May 14, 2011
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