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1. (noun) Tiffany Glass is the generic name used here to describe the many and varied types of glass developed and produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany, (1848-1933), one of the most famous stained glass artists of the United States and remembered not only for his windows but for decorative glass objects, in particular so-called Tiffany lamps.

2. (noun) A beautiful, awesome, and fantastic woman with artistic talent.

3. (noun) A hottie from Oklahoma

4. (noun) The best friend you could ever have.

1. That Tiffany Glass vase is priceless

2. You're good, but you're no Tiffany Glass

3. Oh my god, she must be a Tiffany Glass!

4. You are the Tiffany Glass in my life.

by J4Joker August 23, 2008
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