Tie Tuesday is the practice, tradition and/or religion of wearing a Tie on every Tuesday. Regardless of what the dress code is at the place of work. Specially if it is business casual or casual. It makes people wonder what is going on and think you are going on interviews or have a special occasion.
Hey, nice tie.
Yeah, it's Tie Tuesday.
Whoa, why are you wearing a tie?
It's Tie Tuesday.
Hey, you're wearing a tie, Are you going on an interview?
No, It's Tie Tuesday.
by fryguy August 9, 2007
A holiday celebrated in the USA on Election Tuesday each year. It commemorates all the hard working engineers that wear polo shirts on a daily basis, but are still asked from time to time by their tie-wearing bosses to put on a tie in order to meet with a customer. It is customary for engineers to wear a polo-style shirt, buttoned all the way up, and an accompanying neck tie on this day. It has widespread observation in the states of Michigan and Virginia.
Dude, don't forget to wear your polo tie for Polo Tie Tuesday tomorrow!

Oh yea, and don't mind the funny looks you get at the election polling place!
by mrbigg9969 November 8, 2011
On tuesdays, wear a tie dye shirt
Baylen Levine always get tropical thursdays and tie dye tuesdays mixed up
by baylen.kyle.peej April 27, 2020