cat eye bitch, assless whore, panty smelling cunt!... hypochondriac
enjoy having sex with trees... dotario!
by yo mama April 11, 2004
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1) Me.
2) Annie's best friend.
3) Somewhat a pretty girl
i love tia
tia's my best friend
tia is more of a friend type then girlfriendish thats just how it goes for her, she is destined to be lonely.
by Tia March 30, 2005
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You go to a party, knock on the door, nobody answers, so you walk right in. You go into the kitchen and stand around with your friends, and start screaming "I'm here with the beer!" You wait for the people to start walking in, and you notice you arrived to the wrong house, "TIAAAAAA".
by Hayley Rose August 03, 2011
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