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Used as a generic blaming tool. When asked who performed the action in question, you blame it on Tia.
It can be used when you don't know who to blame or when you don't want to confess.
This phrase was first made popular in the community in August 2010.
Tia was a fake persona created by a member of the website to be used as a scapegoat, but she was soon being passed the blame for other incidents by other members too.
James: "What the hell? Who ran over my cat!?"
Karla: "... Tia did it!"
by Chromana August 25, 2010
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A term that the person Anonymous #88,001 obviously has no clue about.

The term originally appeared in August 2010 on the chat room when one user told a BS story that got everyone enraged and then blamed her actions on her made up sister "Tia".
Tia Creator: It wasn't me who did it.
Brock: Who was it then?
Tia Creator: My sister.
Brock: What's your sister's name?
Tia Creator: Tia.

Translation: Tia Did It
by ADawg7 April 06, 2011
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Unfunny forced meme originated by an user naming themselves "Tia" who hacked a post of the website making it have 100,000,000+ "Yes You Are"s (which would be similar to a Facebook like). mods and admins in the comments of the post tried to make this a forced unfunny meme.
Johnny: "Hey, who the fuck stole my iPod!?"
Jenny: "...Tia did it!"
*awkward silence*
Johnny: "What the fuck, Jenny? GTFO."
by Anonymous #88,001 January 12, 2011
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